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Palusol® Fire Seal



Palusol® FIRE SEAL

Palusol® intumescent fire seals are based on Palusol®, a sodium silicate material surrounded in a thermoplastic profile. When exposed to heat Palusol® expands with the development of a fine-porous, compression resistant, non-combustible heal sealing foaming pressure up to 5 times its thickness. This foam then fills joints and gaps preventing the penetration of fire and/or smoke for up to 60 minutes with evaporating water producing an additional cooling effect. Many sizes, shapes and colors are available for your use. This is a perfect product to seal the perimeter of fire resistant systems such as doors, shutters, dampers, cabinets, safes, and wall penetrating cables. Palusol® Fire Seal is available as fire seal or as a combination fire hot/cold smoke seal.



  • Fire protection for Category A fire rated wood doors
  • Fire protection for Category B fire rated wood doors
  • Intumescent ventilators
  • Cable penetration seals
  • Fire resistant profiles and glazing elements
  • Thermal insulation of boards



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