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Fire seals come in different sizes and shapes and colors and are called by many different names…gaskets…strips…seals..etc. All are intumescents which means they expand when heated to fill the gap and stop the heat. There are three types of intumescents in the world and Odice LLC has supplied the domestic and international markets with all three types for over 30 years:


  1. Sodium silicate - Palusol®
  2. Graphite - Flexilodice
  3. Ammonium phosphate – Interdens


All three react differently in temperature rise conditions, and have different formulations and consistencies. These differences offer you a wide range of choices for your unique application.


Need Category B wood door fire protection? Try Flexilodice.


Need Category A wood door fire protection? Try Palusol®.


Need wood door frame fire protection? Try Palusol® and Flexilodice.


Need lock and hinge fire protection? Try Interdens


Need gun or data safe fire protection? Try either Palusol® or Flexilodice.


Need fire rating for glass? Try Flexilodice.


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